Saturday, March 21, 2015


I have been into Judaism now for several years the last 4 of them has been all nanach. I desperatly want to convert to Orthodox Judaism and have been burning with desire to get to Jerusalem for years now. The tickets are very expensive and specially when I have a big family to take care of. I am married with 5 children. I work full time and  go to college. I live in the USA in Oregon Anything Helps it is my hearts desire to get to Jerusalem. I believe it is time to get on that plane but I need your help. Please help me get to Jerusalem and persue Hashem in the holy land and G-d willing convert and make alyiah...  I am almost there, I want this with every part of my soul!!!! Its all I could ever dream of!!!! I'm going alone and going to live off faith in Hashem for food and sleep... Please if you can help me in anyway even a small donation I would be forever grateful!!!!! It would make all my dreams come true!!! Anything helps even if its only $20... Thank you to all who can help and even those who cant but pray for me! Prayer is the highest! Love. NaNach!

Please Check this out and help if possible! CLICK HERE