Monday, May 16, 2016

Help Me Bring my Kids to Israel

As most of you know I have been wanting to bring my family to Israel for along time now. The cost is just so high for a family of 7. I'm looking at over $7-$8000 just to fly there. I'm thinking if I could raise enough money to pay for the tickets for just the kids I could pay for my wife and I. True I could go with just my wife but the kids will be heart broken. This is a huge expense! For all of us to fly there it's like I said above $7-$8000 plus passports for all the kids $500+ plus food and shelter while there for all 7 of us, and I still have bills at home I need to maintain while we are gone... I have tried this a couple times now with little success, I have raised a couple hundred dollars in my last effort that I plan to obviously apply to the trip... but I guess I will leave it to Hashem. ... every dollar helps, if u think I have nothing, I only can give $1 think if 100 people only gave $1 that's $100 so every dollar helps. You have no obligation to help me, and I hate to ask, I simply just can't bring all my kids without help.. so if u can I would be eternally grateful.

כפי שרובכם יודעים, אני כבר המון זמן מבקש להביא את המשפחה שלי לארץ ישראל, בתקווה

שיכירו את הארץ והעם היהודי ויתאהבו ויאמינו כמו שאני התאהבתי ומאמין...

אבל ב"ה יש לי ואשתי 5 ילדים, ורק כרטיסי הטיסה עולים בין 7-8,000 דולר, וזה בלי ההוצאות של

דרכונים, דיור ואוכל וכו' שנהיה בארץ. ובנוסף יש לי החשבונות השוטפות פה בארה"ב שאצטרך


אולי הייתי יכול לבוא רק עם אשתי. אבל הילדים כ"כ רוצים ומחכים לביקור הזה בארץ! וכל כך חשוב

לי שיחוו יחד איתנו את הארץ בתפילה שנזכה יחד לגלות שמקומנו הוא באמת עם העם היהודי בארץ


אז אני פונה אליכם מעומקא דלבי, שתעזרו לי לגייס את הכספים הנדרשים להפוך את החלום הזה

למציאות... באמת גם אם אין לכם הרבה, כל דולר יכול לעזור... קשה לי מאוד לבקש, רק אני כ"כ

זקוק לעזרה ואודה לכם לנצח נצחים על העזרה שאתה מושיטים לי ובני ביתי! קשה לי לבקש, ואני

מבקש רק מתוך כיסופים עצומים להגיע לארץ ישראל עם כל המשפחה שלי ולהפוך החלום שלי של

עלייה מחלום למציאות.

שהשם יהיה עמכם,

תודה רבה,


Thursday, January 21, 2016


"I don't speak because I have the power to speak; I speak because I don't have the power to remain silent" – Rabbi A.Y. Kook

It has been almost a year since my last post! Crazy how fast time flies. Well since I last wrote, I have been to Israel, and had the most amazing time! While I was there I got shingles! It was hell! Rather though than writing about my trip which many have heard already; I realized I have not been keeping up on this blog whatsoever. I really enjoyed writing this blog and it was helpful for me as i grew into Judaism in expressing myself. 

However, as I haven't written in a while or even looked at my blog I find my views have changed on things alot. I started deleting old posts but j have decided to leave what's left. Simply because it was part of the growing process, and those were views I had or held previously to get to were I am at now. So for that reason I have decided to leave them alone. For my most current thoughts please be sure to read the most recent posts. 

Already I can say I feel much more balanced and stable than it looks like I was previously.  For now on I intend to write regularly. So please read. Share your thoughts comments or whatever you like in the comments. Love ya all. And here we are January 21st 2016 and the journey continues.

Much love

 נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן 

Yaakov Nachman Brawn