Saturday, January 12, 2013


Truth is often grey, and deceit is full of splendour.
-Abraham J. Heschel-


What is Truth? And at what cost should one seek truth? At the cost of all things should truth prevail? At the cost of our loved ones? At the cost of our own lives? How important is it? Is it the highest importance? Is truth greater then faith? Is love greater then truth? Which is the highest good? And what determines Truth? Can truth be two opposites?

Its 12:48 am. I am awake, sitting by the heater on the kitchen floor, writting this on my laptop... I know questions like these cannot be easlily answered... Honestly I just started writting... As I started to write these questions above I couldn't help but think, I hope the reader will not be execting me to give answers to these questions. But then why am I writting them? Can anyone answer them? and if they did would I be satisfied with there answers? And if not does that mean I already know the answers? Or maybe it is because the answer is there is no answer.

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