Friday, January 11, 2013

Saba, Our light in a world of darkness.

Saba, Our light in a world of darkness.

You need to remember very very well, all the days of your life, each and every day, the great kindness of G-d that He did with you and caused awesome events to happen in His hidden ways to draw you near to the True Tzaddik. Who extracted you from the place he extracted you. And he informs you that G-d still is close to you and that He will not abandon His kindness to you forever. And even though you still are undergoing what you are undergoing, even so certainly the kindness and good that G-d  has done with you is not in vain, G-d forbid, And in the end G-d will finish His and you will merit to return to your source in perfection, in the great stength and merit of the Tzaddik, for the word of G-d lasts forever.
-Saba Hamelech-

we must know Sabas letters are for each of us individually. We must read them knowing this is to me personally from Saba.

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