Saturday, April 27, 2013

NNNNM, To Jerusalem I'm calling!!!!!!!

 " There will come a time when everyone will ask “where is the petek? And where is the Baal petek?" And there will be a very long line and I will sit in my palace"
-Song of Redemption-
So what has been up lately? I am working very, very, very hard on trying to get the funds together to make it, to Saba for Rosh Hashana!!!! It looks like it is actually going to happen this year!!! I am soooo excited!!! It all depends if I can get the money!!! I am hoping!!! I plan to go for 10 days, not near as long as I would like but Rebbe Nachman said "A little is also good"... I hope to stay with nanachs while I am there... I do not have money for a hotel, and also I would like to experience nanach day to day life! I also hope to do some hafatza if possible.. Also the kotel, R' Shimon Bar Yochai's grave, the arizal's grave, and just have fun and BE HAPPY!!! I am always happy to hear any new ideas on what to do cause I have no idea!!! Also, if you have a place we can stay a day or so please fb me. It will be both my wife and I coming.. I do have a friend working on staying accommodations for me but I don't know if has figured anything out yet... so if you have the space and are willing please let me know... I may already have somewhere to stay, but I am unsure...
Anway looking forward to new beginings!!!

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