Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Climbing Mountains and Riding Roller Coasters

"Moshe (Moses) ascended Mount Sinai to receive the Torah and bring it back to the Jews in order to teach them the word of the living G-d. Why was it necessary for Moshe to climb a mountain to receive the Torah? Couldn't the Torah have been given by some other means? The fact that all of Israel watched Moshe climb up Mount Sinai on his way to receive the Torah and the fact that this was recorded in the Torah for all future generations to read, teaches us that coming close to Hashem and attaining true Torah values have something to do with climbing mountains"
"Rav Noson cautions that when a person is worthy to have a spiritual elevation, the great light that it creates causes the forces of evil to attack with greater ferocity, just as happened to the holy men mentioned above. This can cause a person to fall soon after he attains a measure of spiritual growth. Rav Noson says that even if one has fallen tens of thousands of times, after every spiritual climb, he should totally ignore the falls and continue to observe as many commandments as he can. No matter what has happened, he should continue to do whatever he can to serve Hashem. The main thing is just not to allow one's spiritual ups and downs to let him fall completely away from Hashem. Hashem expects a person to fall on a regular basis, and does not hold one accountable for this. However, Hashem does require that one should not totally give up completely, when a fall does occur. Then, one may ask, what purpose is there in trying to come closer to Hashem, if in the end he will fall away? Rav Noson answers that after all the spiritual ups and downs, a portion of the light that one accessed during his ascent remains with him, accumulating in his soul. That accumulated light eventually empowers him to rise above the filth of this world and merit the hereafter."
Concerning the spiritual ups and downs of life, King Solomon wrote, "Do not be overly righteous, neither make yourself overly wise, why should you destroy yourself?" [Through one's excessive righteousness, he generates too much light, far beyond his current level. His inability to condense that immense light into protective vessels within his mind leaves him an open target to the attacks by the forces of evil, which attempt to destroy him] (Eccl. 7:16) The next verse addresses the opposite situation, when one has the expected fall after attaining a higher level: "Do not be overly wicked. [If you have fallen into sin, do not give up the ways of Hashem entirely. To fall is expected, it happens to everyone.] You should neither be foolish [and sin even more than you already have]. Why should you die before your time [and throw away everything? Making a person feel that since he already sinned, he might as well sin more is a common trick of the forces of evil.] (Eccl. 7:17) (Lekutai Halachot: Orach Chaim: Hilchot Netelas Ya'die'yim Shachris 4:13-14, 16)
That Moshe brought down the Torah from Mount Sinai, most people take for granted. However, it was an act which required great skill, courage, and daring, and was not so easily accomplished. One reason why this incident is recorded in the Torah is to illustrate to every person, that everyday of our lives, we ascend and descend our own personal Mount Sinai, which like Moshe's original climb and descent, is no easy task. The episode's main point is that we will always have ups and downs throughout our lives, successes and failures. Rabbi Nachman teaches that we should disregard everything negative that happens and retain our firm commitment to continue on the path that leads to Hashem, everything else is just a diversion created by the evil inclination. Rabbi Nachman emphasized that no one, not even the greatest Tzaddikim (saints), has a smooth and straight path to reach Hashem, to reach the greatest possible Good. Therefore, as Moshe's climb up Mount Sinai illustrates, nothing should ever deter us from climbing the Mountain of Hashem, as the verse says, "Who may ascend the mountain of Hashem [who wishes to attain spiritual elevation and come close to Hashem]?..One who has...a pure heart [who is determined that no matter what happens, even if he committed the worst of sins, he will never be diverted from coming close to Hashem. Amen]!" (Psalms 24:

Well things are at a low, but this is ok. Much like a roller coaster which we all know must first go up and then comes down! I found myself very much in a high, a honey moon high with nanach! The honey moon has ended and the high has fallen back to normal, and now I find Here I am..
Very much the same as before.., Only with many good friends, and the knowledge of the True Tzaddik! I have been moving at lightening speed, and at such a speed one should be careful one does not leave behind all that G-d has put in ones care. However moving to slow we can find ourselves in a stalemate! Which we definitly do not want either. One must move at the proper speed at the proper time. I have often used the word roller coaster to describe my spiritual life. But if you stop and think about it, a roller coaster moves very fast, with lots of twist and turns along the way. But there is also times when a roller coaster moves very slow such on his way up to the top! The idea here is  a roller coaster moves at exactly the right speed all the time! To do exactly what it was made to do. And by nothing other then faith I must believe that this also is true for my life! And in this I must continue to do the same thing, to move at the right speed at the right time. Where ever we go, Here we are! G-d is in absolute control! I must believe! So many times did I read Sabas words Only by faith! To all of you who have me on this path. Thank You. With the deepest thanks. May G-d bless you and return to you all you blessings 10 fold!

Yours Truly

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  1. Rabeinu lifts us up from utter descent to the highest ascent. Fortunate are we. Rabeinu says even when we fall it is from Hashem. Had Saba not fallen he would not have gotten the petek, the greatest gift and wonder the world has ever seen. The main thing is to always keep moving, always be happy and never give up. Na Nach!