Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Cry of My Heart!

When words and cries don't help, cry deep in your heart without letting out a sound.
Likutey Moharan II, 5

Who will see me, when my heart is broken before you,
Who will taste the tears streaming down my face,
Who can know my pain, and my fears,
Who can pick me up from this broken place,
This place were I am alone! I scream, Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!!!!!!!!!!!
I scream Hashem!!!!!! Saba!!!!!!!!!!! Rebbe Nachman!!!!!!!!!!!! Some one hear me!!!!!!!!!!!
Someone!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!! I dunno what to do....
My heart longs only for you Hashem, and yet you seem so far,
So many times my heart breaks, and I want to give up!
And so I do.... Only to start again tommorow.
Hashem I love you..
Do you love me?
Are you there?
Who can save me from such pain,
Who can save me from such longing, such a yearning I could cease to live,
Who can love me like you Hashem,
Who can deliver me from all my fears,
Only you Hashem... Only you...
You are more heart, my soul, my every breath... Without you I cannot even live... Without you I don't exist...
I love you... do you hear me? where are you? I need you my love.
by Yaakov

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