Saturday, September 22, 2012

Come my beloved to greet the bride

Come my Beloved to greet the bride- the Sabbath presence let us welcome!
Safeguard and Remember in a single utterance The One and Only God made us hear. Hashem is One and His name is One for renown, for splender, and for praise.
To welcome the Sabbath come let us go, for it is the source of blessing, from the begining, from antiquity she was honored, Last in deed but first in thought.
O sancuary of the King, royal city Arise and depart from amid the upheavel, Too long have you dwelled in the valley of weeping. He will shower compassion on you.
Shake off the dust arise! Don your spendid clothes, My people, through the son of Jesse, the bethlemite! Draw near to my soul redeem it!
Wake up! Wake up! For your light has come, rise up and shine; Awaken, awaken, utter a song, The glory of Hashem is revealed on you.
Feel not ashamed, be not humiliated, why are you downcast? Why are you disconsolate? In you will My peoples afflicted find shelter. As the City is built upon its hilltop.
May your oppressor be downtrodden, And may those who devoured you be cast far off. Your G-d will rejoice over you, like a grooms rejoicing over his bride.
Rightward and leftward, you shall spread out mightily, and you shall extol the might of Hashem, through the man descended from Peretz, Then we shall be glad and mirthful.
Enter in peace, O crown of her husband, even in gladness and good cheer, Among the faithful of the treasured nation Enter, O bride! Enter, O bride!
Come my beloved to greet the bride-the Sabbath presence let us welcome.
So tonight Sabbath begun... Unfourtunatly I had to work!!! I know right?? Some Jew I am huh? It brakes my heart to half to do such a terrible thing... I do want to be home, celebrating Sabbath with my family, eating good food. As I mentioned before not living in a community and my family not wanting to convert you can imagine how much my Sabbaths when I do get to have them, how far away they are from the real thing. Oh Hashem please have mercy on my soul! It is breaking! So at work tonight, where I was instead of celebrating Sabbath the way I wanted to, and should have been, I found myself desiring His (Hashems) heart, His love, His presence.. And here I am a million miles from the finish line, just begging to be near. Every one took a break, and being the sun had set already, I went outside to say my prayers. I sat down and prayed.. Looking for something then in my siddur to help me to pour out my heart to the lover of my soul, I found this. I spoke it quitley, and calmly, letting my heart collide with eachword, loving being so much in his presence, I never wanted to leave. This above is what I read.
Shabbat Shalom
Love Yaakov


  1. Gevald. I wish I could have a Shabbos like yours. Yours has more heart than most Jews following all the Halachos.