Saturday, September 22, 2012

Orthodox Jewish Conversion Links

“God exiled Jews from their homeland for only one reason, to increase the number of converts.” (Pesahim 87b)

Every one has to find there own path home. How you get there is up to you.  "A person is led on the path he chooses to walk". -Makot 10b- 

I am only trying to offer you some links for your own research..

There are lots of harships with conversion. For me at this point I am choosing somday when I am on the postion to convert, to take maybe the non-tradtional way, and go to Israel and convert there. It is my understanding that conversion in Israel and America, is entirley different. And that America makes everything much more difficult, I don't know, this is only what I have heard. Here is a link below, describing the some of the diffuculties we face as potential converts. I debated on weather to share this article and decided that, one should know what they face. If one's heart is sincere, you will have to fight for it, conversion is like a war, constantly battling, constantly striving and just when you think there is nothing left you are renewed to fight again! Never Despair! Never give up! Even if G-d himself tells you no don't convet! Keep fighting, Keep going! Argue with him! Never take no for a answer! Fight with your dying breathe! Even as you exhale your final breathe, Never Surrender! If you can do this... You will make it!

And some encouragement below:

Rabbi Akiva was a very well known son of converts. Indeed the Talmud lists many of the Jewish nation's greatest leaders, who had either descended from or were themselves converts. In fact, King David is descended from Ruth, a convert to Judaism. (Ruth 4:13-22). And the descendent of King David is even to be the Messiah! So the Messiah will be descended from King david, which means the messiah will be descended from a convert!

Halakha forbids the mistreatment of the convert, including reminding a convert that he or she was once not a Jew.

Be encouraged! Go for it! You can do it! Never Despair!

Be strong and courages my friends!


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