Friday, September 28, 2012

The Bird in the Tree

The Baal-Shem told a parable: “Some men stood under a very high tree. And one of the men had eyes to see. He saw that in the top of the tree stood a bird, glorious with genuine beauty. But the others did not see it. And a great longing came over the man to reach the bird and take it; and he could not go from there without the bird. But because of the height of the tree this was not in his power, and a ladder was not to be had. But because his longing was so over-powering he found a way. He took the men who stood around him and placed them on top of one another, each on the shoulder of a comrade. He, however, climbed to the top so that he reached the bird and took it. And although the men had helped him, they knew nothing of the bird and did not see it. But he, who knew it and saw it, would not have been able to reach it without them. If, moreover, the lowest of them had left his place, then those above would have fallen to the earth. ‘And the Temple of the Messiah is called the bird’s nest in the book Zohar.’”
BUBER, MARTIN The Legend of the Baal-Shem-Tov

Now this story in its context, in the book I was reading I believe was talking about prayer. But how much this also speaks of conversion! Judaism representing the bird, the people whose shoulders are stood on representing the people & teachers used to get to the bird (Judaism).

Notice he says this "But because his longing was so over-powering he found a way".

May we merit to find away also, by the Grace of Hashem and the merit of the Tzaddik!

Love you all!


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