Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Land of Israel

Who ever wants to be a Jew-which means going from level to level- can only succeed through the land of Israel
-Rebbe Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman-
 " The lesson "Nine Tikkunim" in Liketey Moharan 1, 20 speaks at length speaks at length about the greatness of the land of Israel and how the real victory in the war comes when we succeed in reaching there. When the Rebbe actually taught this lesson he started it in speaking about the land of Israel, saying, "whoever wants to be a Jew- which means going from level to level- can only succeed through the land of Israel. When he wins the war he is called a 'man of war' but not before. "For let know one girding on his armor boast like the one who is taking it off" (1kings 20:11). Only after winning is he called a 'man of war'. "It was after this was after this that the Rebbe started talking about the soul which is the source of the Torah explanations. He raised his voice and said "There is a soul etc" as printed in the state of the lesson. However, when the Rebbe dictated the lesson he started from here, even though in teaching it originally he had started with the Land of Israel.
  After he finished the lesson, when we were talking, I asked him, "what did you mean when you said that the Land of Israel is so great that this is the main victory?" He took me to task for this, and said, " I meant Israel quite literally with its houses and apartments". In all his emphasis on the greateness of the Land of Israel, he meant quite literaly the Israel Jews go to. He wanted every Jew who wished to be a true Jew to go to Israel. Even if he encountered many obstacles he should overcome them all and go, because the main victory is getting to Israel. This is what inspired and encourged me more then anything to overcome the innmerable difficulties I myself had and break through everything to get to Israel. Thank G-d for helping me to break through th obstacles and get there and back safely".

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